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D.oz is muslim

D.oz is mUslim
The most famous foreign celebrities who declared their conversion to Islam.

أشهر المشاهير الأجانب الذين أعلنوا إسلامهم

The most famous foreign celebrities who declared their conversion to Islam.
There are many great personalities who have entered Islam, especially in recent years, as Islam is still spreading very quickly in the world, while the number of adherents of the rest of the religions is declining, and it is conclusive evidence that our true religion is not a religion that is imposed by force, but rather that its strong belief and its sublime goals and Quran The preserved from every distortion is a great motivation for many to embrace it, even if he was born with another religion and raised in another religion, he must find the right path. Here we show you the most important celebrities who declared their Islam.
شاكيل اونيل
shakil 'uwnil : w lad shakil sanat 1972 w hu laeib kurat salat muhtarif w yulqibunah ba"'uwnil" . wayueudu min 'abraz alriyadiiyn fi tarikh kurat alsalat al'amrikiati, w hum laeib muslim ladayh waladayn "shrif w saqira" w bantin " 'amirat w miarat".
Shaquille O'Neal: Shaquille was born in 1972 and he is a professional basketball player, and they nicknamed him “O'Neill”. He is considered one of the most prominent athletes in the history of American basketball. They are a Muslim player who has two sons, “Sharif and Saqir” and two daughters, “Amira and Meera”.
Ellen Burstein: Born in 1932, she is an American actress who won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, and is affiliated with the Muslim Sufi school.
داني بلوم
Danny Blum: A German player, born in 1991, declared his conversion to Islam, and said that he was initially afraid of this decision, but he was convinced that Islam strengthens him and that performing prayer gives him calm.
أيس كوب


Yes Cobb: He was born in 1969 and is an actor, rapper, director and film producer from America. In 1990 he declared his conversion to Islam in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian


روبين فان بيرسي
Robin Van Persie: Born in 1983, he is a Dutch soccer player. He plays in the Turkish Super League Fenerbahce as a striker in addition to his participation in the Netherlands national football team. His mother is a teacher and his father is an artist. He is married to a Dutch woman of Moroccan origin, who is a Muslim, called "Bushra El-Bali".

إكون: من مواليد سنة 1973 في السنغال. هو مغني

Kun: Born in 1973 in Senegal. He is an American rapper, song producer and businessman of Senegalese nationality. He was imprisoned in 2005 on charges of smuggling contraband and weapons after his arrest at the airport, but then he converted to Islam.

راب و منتج أغاني و رجل أعمال أمريكي الجنسية سنغالي الأصل. سجن في سنة 2005 بتهمة تهريب الممنوعات و الأسلحة بعد القبض عليه في المطار، لكنه بعدها اعتنق الإسلام.

إيمانويل شيي أديبايور
'iimanuil shayiy 'adibayur: wld sanat 1984 w hu laeib kurat qadam tujuli. aintashar maqtae fidyu lah w hu yuelin 'iislamuh binatq alshihadatayn fi 'ahad almasajid w kan furhaan bialfursat alty jayath liaetaniq al'islam w yabda hayatan 'ukhraa.
Emmanuel Chee Adebayor: Born in 1984, he is a Togolese footballer. A video clip of him declaring his conversion to Islam by uttering the Shahada in a mosque, and he was happy with the opportunity that came to convert to Islam and start another life.
دكتور أوز
Dr. Oz: He is one of the most famous doctors in the world, and he is the presenter of the "Dr. Oz" program presented by MBC 4. He is of Turkish origin and works as a surgeon. He also follows the Muslim Sufi school.
مايك تايسون
Mike Tyson: He was born in 1966 and is an American boxer. Nicknamed Iron Man and he was named "World Heavyweight Champion" for professionals when he was 20 years old at the time. He spent 3 years in prison, then converted to Islam and changed his name from Mike Tyson to Malik Abdulaziz.
نيكولا أنيلكا
Nicolas Anelka: He was born in 1979 and is a former French player up front. The player converted to Islam, then chose the name “Abdessalam Bilal” instead of Nicolas Anelka.
ديف شابيل
Nicolas Anelka: He was born in 1979 and is a former French player up front. The player converted to Islam, then chose the name “Abdessalam Bilal” instead of Nicolas Anelka.
فرانك هنري ريبيري
Frank-Henri Ribéry: An international footballer from France. He plays in the German club Bayern Munich and also participates in the main squad for the French national football team. He declared on more than one occasion his conversion to Islam, and that he is happy with the new name “Bilal Yusuf Muhammad”, stressing the great role that Islam plays in his daily life.
Janet Jackson: An American singer who got huge sales for her albums, which amounted to 100 million dollars, she announced her conversion to Islam after she married a Qatari businessman in the summer of 2010 and a very luxurious ceremony was held for marriage.
Translated by Google

Translated by Google

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