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Hello jan


Hello jan

My dear teacher
Welcome to the My blog
I’m happy for your presence here

and read some of my writings
Thank you





3 thoughts on “Hello jan

  1. Jan Saunders

    Hi. I was marking your writing and I remembered that you wrote to me on your blog. So I came to have a quick look – and now I have been sitting here for a long time reading your amazing words. What a gift you have Mryam! And what a good translator you have also!. I love Sahab’s diary and A Silent Conversation. Mryam, I feel so bad that you have to sit in my class and read such simple texts!?!! And you do it so patiently and humbly. One day we will have wonderful conversations about important things. But until then, your lovely translator will help me to know your mind. I think I can already understand your heart!


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